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UK Escorts are legally recognized by the country and protected in their trade. It is not legal to provide sexual services from the balcony or on a street corner. Therefore, escorts should be discreet. They can be employed in a massage salon, or even in a cover-up firm.

A recent report from the English Collective of Prostitutes suggests that escorts are an increasing problem in the UK. While there are many benefits of using an escort in the UK but there are some dangers to be aware of prior making a booking. It can be dangerous. In addition, there are those who would make it illegal.

In December 2008 the UK introduced the Policing and Crime Bill, which made it an offence to paying for sex. The crime must be controlled to earn a profit and the offender must be forced to submit to coercion, force, or deceit. The new law also gives police the power to shut down brothels.

Visit escort companies in the UK to find an escort. These websites feature amateur and professional escorts, and also escorts from other countries. The UK Adult Zone also provides the list of escorts in the UK. By selecting the country of the escort, you can search for British escorts.

The UK has a large population of escorts. While this can be positive, there are also disadvantages. In large cities markets, it is possible to be over-crowded, which can lower the hourly rate. Furthermore, rents can be exorbitant, making life difficult for escorts.