Sex is one of the essential things that all living organisms do in their lifetime. When we humans reach sexual maturity, we become incredibly charged with a lot of sexual energy and will be in need of a release, when we can’t find a sexual partner, all we can do about the sexual energy is release it through masturbation. Self-pleasuring is one of the best things you can do to yourself as it is very beneficial to your prostate and it even reduces stress.

Getting back to sex, it is the reason our world is so overpopulated. Sex is very enjoyable, so everyone does it, whenever they get the chance. There are a lot of ways one can enjoy sex. No one is perfect in the bedroom but here are a few mistakes that men need to avoid so that the entire experience is greatly enjoyable to both the parties.

Mistake 1: Most men aren’t attentive when it comes to foreplay.

Men get turned on as easily as a lamp, but for women, getting turned on is an elaborate process and does not happen so fast. A man needs to put a lot of effort into making sure he is giving his lady some sweet loving. He has to kiss her in erogenous zones and show her that he is there to please her. Foreplay plays a pivotal role for both the genders in getting aroused. This indeed creates a natural lubricant in the vaginal area of the woman and discharges something know as ‘pre-cum’ through the penis of a man.

Mistake 2: Assuming what the woman wants in sex.

A woman is a complex being; you need to be vocal with her and communicate what they want and don’t want during sex. Women on the majority fake orgasms, because they don’t want to disappoint their man. Literally, ask for directions, it’s okay, not everyone is a pro. It is okay if you need time to learn.

Mistake 3: Sticking to set plan.

A man might have a thought process that, if it worked the last time it is bound to work this time. What arouses a woman may depend on her mood. Her mood may have been different the last time. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try new things and see the response that you get.

Mistake 4: Keeping it physical.

Expand your mind when it comes to foreplay because some men tend to focus only on the physical stimulation of a woman and tend to forget the mental factor and stimulation. Men easily get turned on from physical stimulation during sex, but women do fantasize a lot during sex, and that is a part of the arousal. Join her and talk about fantasies or a sexy memory that you both love.

The vast majority of men would never even consider such a scenario. Men, even those who utilize the services provided by an escort, would never allow themselves to develop feelings for an escort because she would simultaneously have sex with other men while dating that man. There are so many insecurities that are tackled in such a relationship. Men worry if their escort girlfriend gets recognized in public, what if I am just one of many men she is dating? Am I exposing myself to STDs and STIs, etc. these are some of the things that would go on in a man’s head if he dates an escort.

Men, in their very nature, are hardwired to be jealous of any physical intimacy their significant other would get from literally anyone. So yes it would be incredibly challenging for a normal man to accept that his girlfriend sees and has sex with other men. I, personally would never be okay with something like that. When talking about sexually transmitted diseases and infections, the women and men in the escorting industry get tested the most and always carry and use condoms with all of their clients.

Exclusivity and being in a mutually monogamous relationship is integral to the foundation of any bond in a relationship that you are hoping to build. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to share your significant other with anyone, they would never cheat on you and you both would live happily ever after. But do we live in a perfect world? No, we don’t.

In my expert opinion, don’t do it; don’t date an escort. Not while she’s still escorting anyway. It usually never ends well for both of you. Here’s an instance that might sway you.

Once I met an escort in the night around 9 pm, we went out for a nice dinner, after dinner, we headed to my hotel room. After getting there, she just asked me if I would ever date an escort. The young soul in me screamed YES! I simply agreed and took her personal phone number. We dated for a few months. The fact that she used to have sex with at least 8 men in a week killed me on the inside almost every day. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore after month number 4. I sat her down and told her that I cared for her too much and I couldn’t bear what was going on with her.

After genuinely loving her, she had the nerve to say “you can see other women if you want, I’m not stopping you”. I was trying to make her understand that I wanted us to be exclusive. But I guess it was too much to ask, I was asking her to give up her career. Anyway, it did end in a bittersweet way. We still talk on occasion, but I truly believe I should never have gone out with an escort, romantically.